Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Update

I don't want to go into too much detail since I'd like to do a more thorough post regarding our trip. We made it to New York and I am so glad we borrowed a GPS! We went to the Wiggles concert and then headed up to Massachusetts and spent the whole day at the Yankee Candle store. That is an amazing store and huge! We are now camping in East Dummerston in Vermont. I'm not sure where we'll be or how far we will get tomorrow but we are slowly heading home. I think we'll probably get home by Thursday and my birthday is on Friday and then our anniversary is on Saturday. Then on Tuesday we are off to PEI, we are definately making the most of our time off this year for once! The kids love camping. We'll that's it for now! Harmony, signing off!


Unknown said...

Hi! So glad to see you updated the blog-I was getting anxious not hearing from you but know you aren't always where you can access wireless! The store sounds great-hope you got some nice things there.Looking forward to talking to you on Friday,birthday girl!
love M-i-l Fran

Peanut said...

Glad to hear your trip is going well... other than the first day, I mean. Looking forward to us both being home and accessible to each other again!
We'll be home tomorrow too.