Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation - Day 2

Day 2 has turned out to be so much better, except for the fact I have a spitting headache right now and the kids are jumping and yelling like monkeys fresh out of the zoo! I guess being cooped up in a car for 12 hours can do that to you! We had a good sleep last night and after eating breakfast, we were on the road by 8am. It was a beautiful day and we made it from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts USA. We are somewhere near Boston. I'm not totally sure where because we have been following the GPS and not the Atlas. My husband finds that a bit strange because with the atlas, he at least has an idea where he is and what is coming up. I think we are in a town called North Andover or Anover, or something like that! I'd ask my husband but he has gone off to the theatre to watch the new Clone Wars animated Starwars movie (while I play monkey keeper)! We will reach our destination, Uniondale NY, (or somewhere near, that is where the concert will be) tomorrow and won't have to be on the road as long. After the concert we are pretty free as to what to do next. We will slowly make our way up home but do some sightseeing. Anyone know anything fun to do in these areas? Anyway, it was beautiful weather all day, hot and sunny but by the time we got here.... can you guess? Yep, pouring rain! So, we are staying in a Hotel again. We are hoping for some nicer weather to do some camping (and save a few dollars). I have yet to take a single picture! I'll take more on the way back since we won't be rushing to a destination and can make a lot of stops! Well, really nothing too exciting to report! I just have to say, I love this GPS! It works great and a bonus is that it can tell us what speed we are driving in miles! Our car doesn't have miles on the speedometer, isn't that strange?