Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here are the boys in their costumes. Joseph is a cowboy, Andrew is a Fireman and Nathanael is Captain Jack Sparrow the pirate. They had fun trick or treating and getting lots of treats! The last picture is our pumpkin that we grew, that Jim and the kids carved. That pumpkin weighed in at 60lbs! I also included a picture of the car we just got. It is a 1998 Mercury Sable Wagon. We really like it. It sure seems new compared to our old van. The van served us well, but I really do like this car! This sunday is the vote and actually time is going too fast! We are all sick and Jim is trying to get his sermon done for Sunday so we are praying he feels better soon. He is about 4 days into his cold, I'm in my first. Hopefully we all start to feel better by sunday! Anyway, hope you are all doing well and as usual, thanks for reading!
PS, I notice that if you click on the pictures, you can look at them at full size

Monday, October 23, 2006

Good Day,
Well, on Sunday they announced a vote. The vote will take place after the service on Sunday, Nov.5/06. We are very excited! In two weeks we'll know and might be packing for another move. It will be fun to move though, we would be moving into a much bigger place with lots of storage and a spare room for any of you who want to come visit! We are still waiting to hear from the bank for approval of a loan to get a car. We have checked out the car we are interested in, it seems to be in good condition. Someone from church happens to know the guy selling the car and talked to him and trusts him. He has allowed for us to take the car to a mechanic to look at it and okay it. It has only had one owner and was well cared for and I looked it up on MSN auto and it seems to be pretty reliable with no pattern of major problems. We are praying that the bank gets moving and we can buy this car soon. We'll need it to start moving our stuff over if we get voted in! Anyway, hope you are all well. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello Everyone,
This picture is another one taken by my dad during his visit. It was taken at the playground at Nathanael's school. Jim had his meeting last night. It seems to have gone well and we assume an announcement for a vote will take place soon. It is a relief to have this part done! I think over all we feel pretty good about it and that this is where God wants us to be. Keep praying, the next step is having 2/3rds of the members vote in favour of us. It will still be a few weeks before that happens so we do appreciate your prayers for the vote and us in this time of uncertainty. Raining again today, seem to be getting a lot of rain lately, I was hoping to walk to Walmart for somethings but probably not today! Stores are open here on Sundays now but we won't shop on Sundays in protest! Of course that is the only nice day predicted for this week. Anyway, I'll let you all know more when I know it. We are hoping for an announcement for a vote this sunday but we'll see. Would be nice to be all moved before bad weather comes. Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Well, tonight is the big board meeting. I'm nervous about it but excited that it has finally come. I pray it goes well and that God gives Jim a peace going into this meeting. I thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement, it means a lot! I will post tomorrow and let you know how the board meeting went. I can't believe how fast October has gone, it will be Halloween before we know it. There are two birthdays in our house next month and that will make November go fast for me too. Then there's Christmas. G and J are coming over from PEI to have Christmas with us. I'm very excited about it. I'm making the Christmas meal this year, for the first time! Yes, I said for the first time! Jim and I have been married for 9yrs. and I have yet to make a turkey, isn't that sad? We have always gone somewhere else or Fran was over and cooked the turkey. I hope I can make the meal as half as good as the ones I've enjoyed all these years! Well, I'm off work for the weekend. Better get ready to go, I get to walk home in the rain! Thanks for reading!
P.S. The picture above is one my Dad took while driving the Cabot Trail here in Cape Breton on his visit

Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay, Hi
My first official blog. Many of you are probably wondering what is going on with our situation in our church. There has finally been a new developement. Jim has a board meeting on friday that I guess you could call a job interview. It will be a time for them to ask questions and for Jim to ask some too. I don't know what the next step after that is but we know that God is taking care of it. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in PEI. My boss was nice enough to lend us the company van to go over, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to. Our van has bit the dust and we are in the process of getting another vehicle. We have been walking for almost 6 weeks now but it is good exercise, for the most part the weather has been nice and we live pretty central to everything. Nathanael and I are starting to plan his birthday party. He will be 8 in three weeks from today! Where has the time gone. He is pretty excited as this will be his first birthday party where he will invite friends from school. He is doing well in school, although it is hard to get him to go sometimes! Andrew wants to go to school so bad and sure misses his big brother when he is gone all day! I've been pretty busy lately, working fulltime, teaching sunday school and have recently added playing piano on sunday mornings and leading the singing. God has definately been stretching me but it is good. I will post a few pics later. I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to post a comment in response, I'd love to hear from you. I will try to keep this updated weekly, probably more often to start with before the novelty of it wears off! Thanks for reading!

Harmony's Page

I've decided to start this blog to keep in touch and keep everyone updated with what is going on in our lives and with the kids. I know with the time difference it is hard to talk as much as we'd like but you can always look here for any new blogs and post a response that I can read. It is just another way of keeping in touch. I will periodically post pics too so you can see the boys as they grow