Friday, August 22, 2008


Well we made it home alive! We travelled 2 provinces and 6 states and arrived home last night. Today I awoke to many choruses of "Happy Birthday" from my boys. They get so excited! They promised me that since it is my birthday, they will do whatever I say (as opposed to every other day!), that struck me funny. Only on my birthday will they listen to me, oh well, I'll take it! My last year in my twenties, that really doesn't bother me. I like where my life is right now and turning thirty isn't scary at all, I look forward to everything God is going to do in my life and am happy about reaching all the milestones. Ask me again when I'm turning 40, maybe my outlook will have changed a bit, heehee. I'm so happy to be home (and sleep in my own bed instead of on an air mattress in a stinky tent) and am looking forward to visiting PEI in a few days. It is a beautiful day outside, here's hoping you are enjoying God's creation today too!


Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday! =o)