Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not off to a good start!!

Okay, I am sorry to admit that I didn't get the pictures I promised to. I will work on it! They will be posted on the weekend at the latest, I hope! I've been enjoying reading blogs lately on organization. Anyone who knows me is probably laughing pretty hard right now! I am the most unorganized person you could know, but I want to change that. Correction, I need to change that! As the three boys get older, things get more chaotic and I can't find what I really need, when I really need it! I am inspired by reading blogs by other moms on the topic. I really like "I'm an Organizing Junkie" at Lots of great ideas for any budget, as well as tons of ideas for meal planning, yet another place I am lacking! I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of baskets and am working on getting my linen/bathroom items closet organized. Next is the kitchen, it really needs it. We are trying to think of ways to convert a large open shelving unit into a pantry unit. It should be a fun project and really help to organize the kitchen as we have very limited cupboard space, and much cheaper than buying one. I looked at buying a pantry and they are over a hundred dollars and they are so small, only 24" wide. Today Joseph had his check up and immunization with the health nurse. He did well, she said he is very ready for school and he didn't cry or even flinch when he got his shots, just said "ow". He is growing so fast! I just realized I forgot to take something for supper out of the freezer and we have Bible study tonight, should be interesting, trying to come up with a meal on short notice and no time to do it! See what I mean about meal planning?


Jessica Holder said...

I was wondering if you blogged! Thanks for the read. Keep them coming. Blesings!