Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, again I have been pretty slack in posting! I've actually been pretty caught up in reading other peoples blogs and it has inspired me to start posting again. Hopefully I'll keep it up and do it more regularly but no promises! I will have to bring some pictures tomorrow to post, like ones from Jim's ordination. Jim got ordained on April 22/08. It was quite an adventure, not in a good way! Just as we arrived in Saint John, NB, Joseph started throwing up (and didn't stop for two weeks) and not long after Andrew started. I spent the whole trip in the Hotel cleaning up after them. I have to thank Julia, she stayed in the Hotel with Joseph so I could attend Jim's ordination, so thanks!! It was a nice service and I am so proud of Jim for sticking it out through all the hard times he has had and he is now a Reverend. Joseph is preparing for his full day of school on May 23/08. It is an orientation day and he'll meet his teacher and see what it is like to be gone all day. Here in Nova Scotia, they start full time in Kindergarten, or Primary as it is called here. He is pretty excited but it is strange for me. He is my baby and I can't believe he is going to school full time in September, and there is no baby behind him. There is always another baby but not now, very strange. I guess at some point you have to move on to the next stage of life but I'm not sure I'm ready! Spring is finally here and I have flowers popping up all over the place. I'll take some pics tonight and post them tomorrow (you know, when I'm supposed to be working!) not much yet but nice to see signs of warmer weather. Today is cool but a beautiful sunny day (after a few days of very heavy rain). I got a Chimnea for mother's day (outdoor fireplace thingy) and we tried to light it last night but the weather isn't nice enough yet. It is much to windy here! We'll try again when the weather is nicer and the wind has calmed some. Nathanael is considering going to kids camp this summer, he'll have fun there. Andrew and Joseph have both registered for soccer and Nathanael will sign up for baseball again. It will be busy but they love it and it keeps them active. At least Andrew and Joseph will play at the same time on the same team. We are planning a big trip to New York this August. We are taking the boys to a Wiggles concert on Long Island and then we'll do some sight seeing (not sure if we'll have the courage to venture into New York City) and then maybe go up to PEI. We have our Wiggles tickets and the boys are so excited! I am looking forward to the fall too as Jim's parents are coming to visit! Fran has been here once before when Jojo was born but His dad hasn't so Jim is pretty happy that he is coming too! I hope they get to stay for a nice long visit! We don't get to see family enough and a week just isn't long enough!! We are so excited too that Jim's brother is expecting a little boy in a few weeks! Yes, another boy. Between Jim and his brother there will now be 5 boys and no girls! Good thing we love our boys! Anyway, I suppose it is time to get some work done, since I'm being paid and all. I don't even know if anyone reads this but if so, remind me to post once and awhile! Miss you all!