Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Look at me!

I'm figuring this blog thing out. See all my nice new things on the right hand side? Blog world is so much fun, I'm glad I discovered it. There are so many kind of blogs out there. I love it because you get to know some of your long distance friends and family better and you get to make new ones! I also love connecting with other moms. I find it reassuring to see that others have the same struggles as I do. We can share the struggles and the blessings! There are a few that give me so many great ideas, like the organizing blogs, food planning and my newest interest, making my home a sanctuary. I have become a company girl! I love the idea of doing the little things that I can to make our home a sanctuary and welcoming! I am so busy with my husband's church, fulltime work and the three boys that this is something I hadn't thought about, and I love that Rachel at Home Sanctuary( has some great ideas that I can impliment along with the rest of the group. I love that those with ideas are willing to share for those of us that don't!

I was snuggling with my 6 year old yesterday before he went to school, he kissed my cheek and nestled his face into my neck and said "this is where the word kiss comes from" I chuckled and told him he was right, that was where the word kiss comes from. Kids say the sweetest things!