Friday, January 23, 2009

So Proud!

I'm bursting-at-the-seams proud! My 10yr. old, in grade 5, just won his school's spelling bee and now gets to represent his school at provincials (he is sssooo nervous). It was funny how he let us know. He called home from school and said "you'd better call mom, I've never shaken so much in my life". As you can imagine, dad was thinking something was wrong until Nathanael announced his big news. When my husband did call me at work, he quoted him and I was very concerned he had some bad close call, with a car, or something. (I automatically started running all the scenarios in my head!) As you can imagine, I was very happy to hear the news!

His teacher is so excited and has called us twice on the phone. It is neat that he has so much support from her at school. I really appreciate the teachers that my boys have, not an easy job!

This is amazing news (especially since I didn't know it was coming up, so he didn't study at all) but it is mixed with just a touch of sadness. It is bittersweet because it also baby is growing up, and way too fast! I'm still adjusting to the idea of him being 10. I remember him as a baby and am trying to figure out how we got here so fast. He is off for a movie night and sleepover tonight and I'll tell you a secret. He wouldn't want you to know but....he gave me a kiss and said he'll miss me before he left. Those moments are getting fewer and far between so I am cherishing them, a picture taken in my mind and stored to be enjoyed as he continues this journey to manhood.

Congrats Sweetie...I mean my little man. I am so proud of you but feel free to slow it down a bit, would ya? Thanks!


Peanut said...

He is SUCH a little man! Where has the time gone?
I've been surprised to notice that I grieve the growing up stuff more with my oldest than with my youngest. I would have thought it would be the other way around.

Harmony said...

I find, since I have three, that I grieve both! My oldest is reaching the milestones first and my baby is the last to do them. They both affect me. My middle one is in the sweet spot!