Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

Things have been so busy and I've been wishing for an evening off. I guess I got my wish! We were supposed to have our Carol sing at church last night but it is snowing hard and has be postponed. I'm a little disappointed but do look forward to a nice quiet evening at home with the boys. There is a new Muppets Christmas movie coming on tonight but it doesn't start until 9pm local time. I am torn, there are Christmas movies on almost every night right now, but none start until at least 8. I have let the boys stay up until 10pm to watch the movies, but this morning they were so tired and I had trouble getting them out of bed. These TV specials are only on once a year and they only have two more days until Christmas vacation. My dilemma is, do I let them stay up and watch the fun shows, or put them to bed on time so they aren't over tired? I will probably let them stay up, maybe we'll get lucky and school will be canceled tomorrow!

We finally got our Christmas tree up. We were running out of time for a real tree so we decided to put our artificial one up, so we can enjoy the lights for the next week. Any tree looks nice if you put enough lights on it right? That's my theory!

Here are a few pictures of our tree. I didn't get a clear picture so I decided to just make it look like the soft dreamy look of the picture was on purpose, play along, okay?


Peanut said...

I love those pictures! And I totally thought the soft dreamy look was on purpose. I tried and tried to get KK to pose for a picture with the tree, but she wouldn't stand still long enough. Oh well. I got one decent picture and I PROMISE I will post it soon!

We're going to be in big trouble when KK starts school. We regularly let her stay up until 10! I think the nap will have to go soon, but at this point, she is miserable by dinnertime if she misses her nap (unless there is lots of candy involved, which rarely happens)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

I let our daughter stay up once this week. I figure once is enough for this year, maybe more next year :)

Snowy nights are always awesome!