Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh yes, soon that is what two of my boys will become, four-eyes! (not that you will ever hear me call them that!) My two oldest (10 and 7) have to get glasses...sigh. My youngest has slight astigmatism (hopefully it won't get worse because he doesn't need glasses right now). Their dad has passed on his bad eyes to his boys, but you'll hear him blaming his mother! Not really an expense that I wanted to shell out for after Christmas shopping. Luckily, my husband's grandma sent some Christmas money for the boys. Instead of Christmas presents, great-grandma is helping to provide the gift of better sight. That's not such a bad gift! So I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of this around here:

(Andrew wearing my glasses)

I just have to add one more thing. Andrew was starting to get a bit nervous about wearing glasses this morning and said "I don't want them to take away my cuteness" He is so funny, as if anything could take away his cuteness! (no low self-esteem here!)


Peanut said...

I think he looks pretty cute in glasses and I'll bet Nathanael does too! All the girls will still think they're cute because.. well they are!

Harmony said...

Awww, thanks Peanut!