Friday, August 01, 2008

Stung! Part 2 - Revenge

A little while ago I wrote about how a wasp (hornet, yellow jacket, whatever they are called) had stung hubby on the side of the head. He suffered for a good few days with that until finally he decided to get rid of the nest, you know, so we could actually use our back yard and deck!

It was a two night process. We have a small portable greenhouse on the deck and because of the high winds we get here, we had to bungee cord it to the deck. The pests had built their nest behind the greenhouse just under the top ledge of the deck rail.Let me tell you, these hornets (wasps, stinging things, whatever) were aggressive! Any vibration on the deck at all and they came out fast and furious!

Jim waited until night and then very slowly sneaked up to the nest and using a hockey stick, knocked the bungee cords off and then ran like the wind to the front door! Then several hours later he crept back out and pushed the greenhouse over (it is empty anyway and should be put away!) and again, ran as fast as he could around front. That was all the excitement he could handle for one night!

Finally, the next night, in the cover of darkness, he plotted his revenge. Now you will have to use your imagination for this. He absolutely would not let me take a picture, no matter how much I begged! He dressed up in a full snowsuit, boots, toque and gloves. He wrapped a scarf around his mouth and nose. He then took a piece of clear plastic (I think it was the wrapper from the frozen pizza) and taped it to his toque and scarf to cover his eyes. He was ready for battle!

He went outside and very slowly crept up to the nest and sprayed it. He sprayed it all over and up into the nest until all you saw was a huge foam ball, looked more like a white fluffy cloud (white fluffy cloud of death!). The next day the foam was gone, I could see a piece of the nest hanging off and something laying on the deck under the nest.

This is what I saw:

Poor things, you almost feel sorry for them, almost. Those larvae things give me the creeps though! Jim said he saw one of them moving! Yuck! I couldn't get a picture of the actual nest though, Jim mashed it into the ground immediately. He seemed to take a lot of satisfaction in that, still smarting from the sting and all.


Holly said...

The photo caption you added made me laugh! I'm all for letting bugs have their own space outside, but when you have kids around or when they get aggressive, they've gotta go! We had to hire someone to get rid of a honeybee hive. It was sad, but they were coming down the chimney into our house! Someone was bound to get stung! Plus they were living *inside the wall* so it was a matter of time before that wall started getting funky and ending up a huge repair. Your husband is so brave!

Hey, BTW, you won the Veggie Tales giveaway! Please send me your address.

Bloggin' Mama said...

We are about to have a massacre of our own. My 2 year old has been stung twice in the last week. We have guinea wasps that are not suppose to be aggressive.. HA! Our problem lies in the fact that they are living in the spaces between the stones on our retaining wall, so hubby will be spraying LOTS of places....

Thanks for commenting on my modesty post. I'll be adding another installment, hopefully by Monday.