Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lesson Learned!

Okay, NOTE TO SELF, do not take all three kids school supply shopping! I will not buy everything they want so it isn't worth bringing them. They hate shopping, I hate taking them shopping so why do I torture myself? I can't read three supply lists, break up multiple fights, keep them all from straying all at the same time. I was so frazzled that I rushed through it and when I got home, I realized I forgot a few things. Next time I will go alone, take my time and stop at Tim Hortons for a Cafe Mocha! That sounds like a much better idea!!!

Here are the fruits of my labour, all organized, labelled and ready to go:

And now for some total randomness:


This is one place you will never see me step foot in, my brave son!

My Handsome Men: Dressed up for church!



Amazing what a good haircut can do hey?


Peanut said...

I avoid taking the kids shopping whenever I can. It's just too busy. And then shopping becomes my "me time"... sometimes the only time I get alone for weeks!
Love the pics!

Jessica Holder said...

Tim Hortons and a cafe mocha can make things much better, can't they? :)

Heather of the EO said...

Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. Quite a serious post you stumbled upon... but I guess that was the kind of day I was having...I love how the blogging community helps so much. I can't believe all that you're juggling in your life. Yes, balance...such a tricky thing! Peace to you and yours,