Thursday, May 22, 2008

Looking forward to Summer Beach days!!

Hello Everyone!

Finally the sun is out today. We have had so much rain! It is only expected to be out for today but I'll take it when I can. The meal planning is going very well. I have tried it in some form or another before, thinking of some meals so I knew what to grocery shop for. But I never had a definite plan before and it is going over well. No more worrying about what is for supper when I'm at work! (not much I can do from there!). Spring is slowly popping up here, small flowers and buds on the trees that look like they could open soon. Tomorrow is Joseph's big day. He is so excited to go to school for orientation. He will be in french immersion and has already learned a lot from Andrew who is just about finished his first year in French immersion. I always get just a little nervous, will he cry after I am gone? My kids are good that way and pretty independant but you never know. Andrew admitted to me that on his first day of school, he cried just a little bit. He tried to hide it but the teacher noticed and cheered him up. Now he loves school and hates to miss a day. I hope that Joseph developes the same love of learning. Nathanael is a whole different story. He has always disliked school and it is hard to get him to do his homework. It isn't that he isn't smart, he really is. He taught himself to read long before he started school. He struggles some with math but when I sit down with him, I quickly find out he mostly knows what he is doing. He just doesn't want to do it. I don't really know what to do to help him with his attitude about school. I worry that although he is very smart, that he will do poorly because of lack of interest. He had a different start to school too. He started Primary here (or kindergarten) just before he turned 6. Now in BC he would have been starting grade one but the age cutoff dates were different then. We moved to BC from NS two months into Primary and they put him into grade one. That was fine but his attitude changed then. I think he missed that first year of adjustment, making friends and having fun before the harder work, tests and homework started. Anybody have any suggestions? He does well enough but I know he isn't putting in his best effort, just what he needs to do to get by. Okay, now I'm rambling on! Hope you are all getting some sunshine today! Summer is just around the corner, yay!!