Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Okay, Here goes, my first crack at Menu Planning Monday!

Monday - Whole wheat macaroni and tuna casserole, homemade bread

Tuesday - Marinated pork steaks, stewed potatoes and veggies

Wednesday - Whole wheat spaghetti and salad

Thursday - Baked garlic and herb salmon, rice, veggies

Friday - Homemade Pizza

There it is. Nothing too fancy but should help me be more organized and prevent those "I don't know what to eat, lets eat out" evenings! Hopefully I'll stick with this and it will help in saving time and money. We had a very nice weekend with our dear friends visiting us on holiday monday. I always find it hard to go back to work after a long weekend, I enjoy being home with the boys so much, but at least this will be a shorter working week! Hope you all had a nice weekend too!


Heart 4 My Home said...

What a pretty blog! your menu sounds yummy. I didn't get to make my menu out this week, so I have to make sure I get back on track come next week.

Jessica Holder said...

Your meals sounds yummy! I was wondering if I can add your blog to my list of "Friends Blogs"?