Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here are the boys in their costumes. Joseph is a cowboy, Andrew is a Fireman and Nathanael is Captain Jack Sparrow the pirate. They had fun trick or treating and getting lots of treats! The last picture is our pumpkin that we grew, that Jim and the kids carved. That pumpkin weighed in at 60lbs! I also included a picture of the car we just got. It is a 1998 Mercury Sable Wagon. We really like it. It sure seems new compared to our old van. The van served us well, but I really do like this car! This sunday is the vote and actually time is going too fast! We are all sick and Jim is trying to get his sermon done for Sunday so we are praying he feels better soon. He is about 4 days into his cold, I'm in my first. Hopefully we all start to feel better by sunday! Anyway, hope you are all doing well and as usual, thanks for reading!
PS, I notice that if you click on the pictures, you can look at them at full size