Monday, October 23, 2006

Good Day,
Well, on Sunday they announced a vote. The vote will take place after the service on Sunday, Nov.5/06. We are very excited! In two weeks we'll know and might be packing for another move. It will be fun to move though, we would be moving into a much bigger place with lots of storage and a spare room for any of you who want to come visit! We are still waiting to hear from the bank for approval of a loan to get a car. We have checked out the car we are interested in, it seems to be in good condition. Someone from church happens to know the guy selling the car and talked to him and trusts him. He has allowed for us to take the car to a mechanic to look at it and okay it. It has only had one owner and was well cared for and I looked it up on MSN auto and it seems to be pretty reliable with no pattern of major problems. We are praying that the bank gets moving and we can buy this car soon. We'll need it to start moving our stuff over if we get voted in! Anyway, hope you are all well. Thanks for reading!