Saturday, January 02, 2010

What I Wish...

1. that you all had a great Christmas with friends and family and made a ton of warm memories to take into the new year (I sure did).

2. that you have a lot of hope and excitement as you look ahead into 2010 (I sure do).

3. ....that I could be a stay at home mom again, so we could have more days with this:

Homemade soup, homemade biscuits and cookies!

Notice a theme with this pictures? Everything is HOMEMADE! Working full time just doesn't give me the time to cook like this as much as I'd like to, although I try. The consensus was that it was all good!

Well mostly...

Just so you know, those cookies (Mexican wedding cakes or Russian tea cakes, whatever you call them) cook a lot faster if you don't turn the oven off after making the biscuits but think you left it on, and after 15-20 mins think your oven is broken only to finally realize you turned the oven off. Just sayin'

I also got to lay on the bed with the boys and watch a movie (Santa Buddies). I enjoyed this time at home I've had this past week (next holiday isn't until Easter? Really?). I realize how much I'm missing being at work but I do know how valuable my time at home is and my resolution is to make the most of that time, along with the usual ones (lose weight, eat better, get the idea!)

Do you have a resolution for 2010?


Unknown said...

Looks like a good meal-wish I was there to enjoy it with everyone!
love,Grandma C.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

All I can say is YUM! And I'm a stay at home mom, but my family does not eat like that! Let's not tell them it's possible... :)