Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Thanksgiving DYI Project

While out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I saw this cute fall/Thanksgiving decoration. It was a set of blocks, different sizes and colours that spelled out the words: Give Thanks. I thought it was cute and was going to buy it but then decided it was something I could make (and I knew I had everything I needed already at home). Of course my version isn't as cute but I thought it came out nice enough. I'd like to make some for Christmas and make them look nicer, I have some ideas! Here is a pictorial run through of what I did:

I used Rub On letters, figured it was the easiest option

My husband cut the blocks for me and I sanded them down. I made sure to sand all the ends and corners to round them off, looks nicer.

I painted them various fall colours and let them dry (my boys insisted that purple and blue were not fall colours, but I'm sure there are fall flowers of those colours!)

Fuzzy picture I know! Next step was to apply the rub-ons. I learned with one letter how important it is to make they are completely dry!

And Ta-Da! This is the end result! I'm going to spray a finish on them to give them a bit of gloss and protect them. I'm going to get more creative with my next try for Christmas but this was fun and costed me $0! Hope all my fellow Canadians had a great Thanksgiving!


Peanut said...

That. Is. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it! I just threw a couple of mini pumpkins and squashes on the mantle and called it a day. (Even so, I'm still proud of it)

I should try something like that... hmmm.

Growin' With It said...

wowzer...very creative of you. i think you should make some to give as christmas gifts!

Rachael. said...

I love it how cute!!!

Holly said...

Those look great! You're so crafty. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.