Monday, June 15, 2009

Random, but at least it's a post!

So far, our new Kitten is fitting in nicely. She is pretty cute and the boys are quite taken with her. She has her moments, she can be pretty wild and likes to bite and scratch, but she has now directed that to Sammy. Sammy (that cat that previously ruled the house) is finally playing with her, instead of hissing at her. He can get a bit carried away and is so much bigger than her so I like to keep an eye on them when playing! But he keeps her busy!

The weather is slowly warming up! Actually, it was quite hot yesterday, a promise of what is to come I hope!

Lots of big things happening this month. My dad and his wife and their adopted son are coming to visit for two weeks. They arrive tomorrow, It has been two years since I've seen my dad and I look forward to meeting my new brother. My mother, father and brother in law are moving to our side of the country and I'm so excited. We go years (I'm talking 3 to 4) in between visits and I'm happy that we'll be able to see them more and meet our one year old nephew.

I haven't been taking many pictures of the kids. I'm not sure why but I'm vowing to get back at it! I'm going to have that camera attached to me all summer and hope to share some of our memories with you. This poor blog has been pretty neglected and I can't promise it will be any better now the nice weather has rolled in, but I will try to stop in from time to time!

I can't believe the boys are done school for another year! Next year they will be in grade 6, 2 and 1. Time sure flies. We are taking a break from sports this summer and plan to take time to be together as a family, no schedule, doing what we want! I'm looking forward to it!

I hope your family is healthy and enjoying summer!


Holly said...

Hope you're having a great summer! And I hope you had fun seeing your dad again and meeting your new brother.