Monday, May 04, 2009

The Post in Which I Magically Reappear!

Two weeks? Wow, can you tell I've lost my blogging mojo? Hmm, that begs the question, did I every really have it or is it something I can still get somehow? There are so many computer viruses out there, why can't I catch that one, the blogging mojo virus! You'd think after two weeks, I'd have something to blog about (instead of wasting your time blogging about how I have nothing to blog about!) but you'd be wrong. Why aren't my kids crazy or weird or something? No one is giving me blog fodder and as you can tell, I'm NOT a writer at heart! I have, however, been reading blogs and so to finish this post with SOMETHING, I'm going to share some links with you. Here are some posts from the last two weeks that touched me, made me think or made me smile: (Just click on each blog to read the post)

Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage

Lisa @ The Preachers Wife

Peanut @ Peanut, Peanut-Lover and the Weenuts
(Today is Peanut and Peanut-Lover's 7th anniversary so...Congrats!!)

Stefani @ Blue Yonder

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

DeeDee @ Fiddledeedee


Peanut said...

LMAO at Shannon and Deedee.

Nodding my head at Stefani and Lisa and Sarah.

Good stuff.

Holly said...

I haven't been very good about reading blogs or returning e-mails, either. Welcome back!