Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Things I Loved About Being A SAHM!

My husband was gone for the last three days and I got to stay home (I had to be home for the kids to get home from school, I thought I'd let my fill in have the whole day instead of traveling 45mins just for a few hours) for two of the days. I was a stay at home mom up until 3yrs. ago and never got to enjoy the time at home while the kids were at school, the youngest two started school in the last two years. So, here are 5 of the things I enjoyed while being home. Keep in mind, I am normally not home so I took more leisure than most SAHM's probably usually get!

1. Going back to bed after sending the kids off to school! I had trouble falling asleep without Jim so I was pretty tired. After the kids went to school, I went back to bed for two hours! It was glorious!

2. Getting to make a nice lunch. I have to brown bag it most days for work (so tired of sandwiches, I now understand why the kids are tired of them too!).

3. Having lots of time to plan and get things ready for supper instead of having to know in the morning and then rush to get it made after work. I loved being able to think about it, once I was really awake and have time to take something out or do some prep.

4. I liked being mobile. I spend 40hrs. a week sitting in an office chair. At home I am going up and down stairs, walking all over the house and doing chores and it felt good to be moving all day.

5. The best thing I loved about being a SAHM the last few days was being home when the boys came home from school. I had a nice snack ready for them each day and they were so excited to see me (I suppose that novelty would wear off if I was home all the time!). Yesterday we walked down to the park after school. It was so nice to spend time with them instead of the usual: rushing to get dinner on, homework, baths and bed!

That is my list for this week, go visit Peanut to read more 5 Things I Love lists!


Peanut said...

I'm so happy you got the chance to stay home for a few days... I love all your reasons. I'm not nearly as active as I'd like to be... maybe it'd be a good thing if we had stairs. I'm dreading when the kids go to school, but that going back to bed thing sounds heavenly. These days, if I want a few extra minutes in bed, it means I have to give up my shower until naptime!

Holly said...

Ahh, I've heard of a couple other moms who get to go back to bed after their kids head off to school. Sounds nice.

How great you got to do things like take your kids to the park and have a snack for them. I bet they loved that!