Wednesday, March 04, 2009

5 Things Thursday

I'm doing something a little different this week. Instead of posting five things I love, I am posting 5 things that recap our recent adventure at the regional spelling bee.

5 Things to recap the spelling bee

1. Nathanael was getting nervous during the 2 hour (yikes) drive to the regional spelling bee so we practiced some words, including the word Metaphor, which he spelled right. (You'll see the importance of that later)

2. We arrived at the spelling bee location and found a friend from down the street had a daughter in the spelling bee too. Nathanael registered and received a bag of swag (Clipping of his picture in the newspaper, two microwave egg cookers from The Egg Farmers of Canada, a cool Canada Post Yo-yo that lights up, a lunch bag, and a water bottle, all in a university bag)

3. After orientation, practice and introductions, the spelling bee begins (there are 53 kids). Every time he goes up there, I get nervous for him and can barely watch. The age group ranges from 9 to 14yrs. olds. He is 10 and looks so small up there!

4. In the second round he is asked to spell "credible" and does but they ding him out, saying he misspelled it. Most of the audience is murmuring that they thought he said it right. So, we appeal (for only the second time ever in the competition). Lots of crowd support during the break, nice bunch, not too competitive. Nathanael struggles with pronouncing R's and the judges all thought he said an O instead of an R. They decide to reinstate him.

5. Lunch break is over and they announce his reinstatement, everyone gives a thunderous applause! He has made it to the third round. This round is tough and the numbers go from 24 to 6! Nathanael goes out this round by spelling... wait for it...Metaphor! Go figure! It was exciting and the girl from down the street won, we were so happy for her. Nathanael placed 21 out of our region (about 4000) and really is not bad when you consider that he barely studied! He didn't study at all to get there from his school spelling bee and then studied once or twice and home and of course in the car on the way. He actually quite enjoyed the experience and really seems interested in putting in his best effort for next year.

That was our exciting spelling bee experience. For more 5 Things Thursdays, hop on over to Peanut, Peanut-Lover and the Weenuts to see more or to link up yourself!


Peanut said...

What a cool experience! I'll bet you were many times more nervous than him! I love the picture of him :)

Nina said...

THat is so great at how well he did. I would be so proud of him.

Growin' With It said...

wowzers...21 out of 4000...WAY to go to your son. and to be brave and stand up on stage..i'm impressed.

Holly said...

Aw, good for him! I've been in several spelling bees. They're a good exercise and a good experience even if you don't win. Way to go!