Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Things Thursday: Spring!

5 Things I love (and look forward to) about Spring:

1. Daffodils. They are the first flowers to blossom in my yard and their sunshine yellow colour makes me happy.

2. All the green! I love it when the grass gets green and all the leaves come out on the trees. Ever look up at the trees and see how beautiful the leaves are against the blue sky? I just love love love it!

3. I mentioned the blue sky in the last one. I love the colour of the sky when it is that amazing, brilliant blue on a nice sunny day. That is my very favourite colour. Even on a cold day, that blue sky does wonders to this winter-weary girl!

4. Kids playing outside! Can I get an Amen? We are all tired of being cooped up, time for fresh air, running, swinging and sliding!

5. The thing my and my family love most and are looking forward to is going to the beach! No swimming in spring but lots of shell collecting! My boys love to collect shells and skip rocks in the water and I plan to spend a lot of my summer at the beach!

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Nina said...

I am with you 100% on all of those. I am so happy spring is almost here and happier that the weather has been acting like it has already arrived.

Peanut said...

Spring is my absolute favourite season! I can't believe it is finally almost here. I love it for reasons 1-4 and 5 more that I'll post soon :) We don't make it out to the beach though, so no #5 for us :(

Growin' With It said...

and those sweet buds on the happy!!

Holly said...

Oh, those are the perfect springtime photos! I love those things about spring too. Enjoy it!