Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Things I love, um, well like!

My best friend in the whole wide world, some may know her as Peanut, has started a new carnival. Basically you list 5 things that you love. I am so happy she started this because, well, I have nothing to blog about. I've been so sick the last two and a half weeks, which brings me to my topic. I'm going to write about the 5 things I love (hmm, love is such a strong word for about being sick. I'm trying to focus on the positive here people, after two weeks of solid complaining! Here goes!

5 Things I Like About Being Sick

1. Staying in bed. all. day. Being sick forced me to get some much needed rest!

2. Getting to stay home and watch Regis and Kelly. They always make me laugh.

3. Having my boys pop in every half hour saying "Sorry you are sick, I love you" and showering me with hugs and kisses. (Even though I'm trying, impossible I know, not to share my germs)

4. Not having to cook dinner!

5. Losing weight! I lost about 3 lbs because I wasn't feeling well enough to eat much, have to look for the silver lining folks!

There you go. Being sick really sucks but it is kind of nice (after the fact) to look for some of the positives!

Thanks Peanut for giving me something to blog about! To check out more 5 Things I Love, head on over and say hi and maybe even add your own list and link up!

* The button above is not her official button, she doesn't have one yet so I made one for my post. She can't get mad, she loves me too much! heehee


Peanut said...

Great list! What a way to look at the bright side, eh?

I love your button, it is so cute. My bloggy friend Nina is also making me a button, so maybe I'll offer both as an option for people to use. It's going to take me a couple of weeks to try to figure out how to include the code with it and smooth out all the details about "Five things Thursday" ... that's what I'm thinking of calling it... although, I go back and forth between that and "Five things I love"...

I'm glad you like the updates. I'll be working on a complete make-over of my blog whenever I can find the time... I want to make it 3 columned and I want to make a new header. All things that require lots of time, so I'll be doing bits at a time over the next few weeks.

Holly said...

I agree. In a warped kind of way, there are benefits to being sick. It's all how you look at it!

Hope you feel better!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Being sick is not always so bad ;)