Monday, December 08, 2008

Like A Chicken With Her Head Cut Off?

It is Monday again. Hmmm, link up to Make Me Laugh Monday? Ya, no time to find funny things this last week.

Oh, Link up to Menu Plan Monday. Yaaaa, I haven't even gone grocery shopping in so long that I was forced to take a can of beans to work for lunch today...seriously!

As a pastor's wife, my schedule this time of year tends to get kind of full and if I wasn't busy enough, I joined a choir for a Christmas pagent too. I have something going on tonight (Monday), tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday (Church dinner to cook for on Thursday). I have I have three singing events from the 16th to the 21st. I still need to get the boy's picture printed and to get my Christmas cards done and sent and I haven't even started shopping and no tree up yet! Whew...breathe...ahh. It is only for a short time every year and I'm going to follow Sarah's lead and "enjoy the madness of it all. Cramming in all the fun, and trying to savor every last second...not feeling guilty." That is a direct quote from her blog and she is a fellow Pastor's wife and mom of boys so I think I'm drawing wisdom from the right person!

At least (hopefully, if the weather cooperates) we will be going over to PEI on the 23rd and spending Christmas with some dear friends. That takes the pressure off me to be cleaning, cooking and such for Christmas but I will lend a hand!

Oh and here is a picture to prove I did infact get my decorating done, except the tree. I have to squeeze some time in for that somehow!


Peanut said...

Oh I miss being in a Christmas choir so much. You must really be loving it! You're not turning pages at the piano I hope ;) I feel bad for making you do that for so long... but no one else could do it right!
We finally decorated too (well halfway I guess). I'm hoping to put up the pictures soon. I got a couple of great shots with a makeshift tripod!
I'm glad you're getting away to PEI with G and J fir Christmas. I wish we could have you though. There's always Baltimore...

Harmony said...

Heehee, the choir is fun. Nope no turning pages but I didn't mind doing it for you! You can't help but feel special if you are the only one who can do it right! If you end up in Baltimore, we will visit sometime on our vacation. I looked it up and it is 1740.75 kms. It would be a very long, solid driving, two-day drive but it would be worth it! Much closer than now!!!!