Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Not Ready!

Reading blogs, it seems that many have already decorated for Christmas. I am one of THOSE people who refuse to decorate until December! (although I did decorate my blog header already, does that count?) The decorations and Christmas songs start at Halloween in the stores and by December 25th, I am so tired of it. Doesn't that seem too early? It just makes Christmas so over commercialized.

Of course I am also THAT person who still has shopping to do and helps to fill the stores to capacity a few days before Christmas. I have not bought one Christmas present yet! Right now I've been focusing my attention on Andrew's 7th birthday party this weekend but I have that nagging voice in my head (I seem pretty good at ignoring it!) that keeps telling me I'd better get started on the shopping! This year I may try more online shopping since I have lots of access to the internet but my time in stores is very limited.

... I just wish I was more organized like some of my friends who have it all planned out and are done with their shopping. Another thing I'm slack on (well another thing of many!) is wrapping the gifts! We usually stay up late on Christmas Eve wrapping instead of wrapping as we buy. There is still time, I need to start now!

But there is one thing I must do first... can you guess? Yes that's right, I still need to get Andrew some birthday presents! See? Slack or what? I KNOW!


Peanut said...

I love your bloggy decorations!
We haven't started decorating yet either. Not that PL doesn't ask me every day when we can put up the tree! Yeah, easy for him when he won't be pulling children out of it and undecorating the baby's MOUTH all day! I'm trying to talk him into a mantel display for this year. I can't come up with any idea for a tree that doesn't end with JJ pulling the tree down!
As for the shopping, it really stressed me out. I love finding the perfect gift for everyone, but it is hard when everyone else has everything they want. And I hate hate hate the crowds! They make me want to push people and/or Christmas trees over! So I do a little shopping every time I get a moment to myself, usually with a lot of late night planning behind it. I have most of the kids' gifts taken care of, but still a little clueless about most of the adults. I'm running out of mornings with my babysitter though, so I really need to get on it!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Thanks for the Firefox/Twitter add-on info! That makes it much easier.