Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Costumes and an Unwelcome Surprise!

Here is how my little squirts looked for Halloween:

I didn't spend one dime this year. Joseph was more than willing to use a costume passed down from his brothers. He was the fireman and loved every minute of it. He kept pointing out to everyone how he has smoke (soot) on his face from fighting a fire. Nathanael and Andrew decided to make their own costumes this year. Now I might not get the names right but I think Nathanael is Power-Man and Andrew is Mr.X (both made up of course). They picked out a shirt in the colour they wanted, drew and taped on a logo and then we painted on masks, to protect their identity!

Then on Sunday we got a nasty surprise, well, depending on your view point!

That's right, we got our first snowfall of the season. Nov.1 is too early for me! I know there are others with snow right now like our old home of Dawson City, Yukon but that is expected, I don't want it here!!! I'm sure in the good old days they got several feet of snow in November and maybe even October (you know those type of stories!) but I don't want to see the white stuff before December. Oh well, you've got to roll with the punches, the kids thought it was pretty exciting. I can't really complain, it did all melt the next day when we had a beautiful sunny day. As long as Jack Frost is just visiting and not intending on a long stay, I'm good. It is nice to see some snow on Christmas though, which isn't that far away! EEEK! I'm sure you are all getting ready for Christmas, may even have your shopping done. Not me, I have two more birthdays to get through and then I'll start thinking about it...thinking. That is why I'm usually shopping in mid December when there are far too many people in the malls!

*Edited to note: I was wrong, the snow came on Nov. 2! A few days later it warmed right up to 18 degrees and feels like spring. Crazy weather!


Peanut said...

First of all, I love your new header! Can you come redecorate my house?

Very cute costumes and I love that the kids made their own. I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind for future reference. Joseph makes an adorable fireman too... or is it just my weakness for firemen?

Ugh snow. Yes, too soon. I don't mind the change to early fall, but winter always gets here too quickly! And I used to be all on top of Christmas shopping... everything bought and wrapped before December... then I had kids. Then all my in-laws had way too many kids between August and January. Then I got all overwhelmed with gift buying. Then I started making my husband do most of the gift buying (he buys what I tell him to)... that's why our shopping doesn't get done until a few days before Christmas!

Harmony said...

Oh if only I was as good at decorating my home as my blog! Actually, I could probably decorate a little bit better if I had some money. At least decorating a blog is free! As for Christmas shopping, I'm glad I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

Harm...this is GREAT! wish i would have started reading it sooner!
I hear you about the snow (YUCK!!)and birthdays...our oldest Brooke....was BORN on Christmas day!!!! (she will be turning 8) so it is a VERY busy month for us!
I love this...good work! :)