Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, it is that time of year where many bloggers (well, those in places where it is summer, or supposed to be, stupid rain) are taking time off blogging for vacation. I am no exception. On Friday we are leaving for a family vacation. We've done small trips for vacation many times but always to go see family or friends. Although we are going to visit friends (which I love to do) on the second week of vacation, the first week we are taking a trip for just us. We will be driving down to New York. We are taking the boys to a Wiggles concert there (my first concert and it is the Wiggles! Exciting or what?!). Anyway, that is where I'll be for the next two week. We maybe come home for a few days in between destinations and if I can I will drop in to say hi but most likely I won't be back on until the beginning of September. I will be sure to come home with lots of stories and many pictures to share. Until then, God Bless!

*Taken at Fortress of Louisburg in Nova Scotia, Canada


Peanut said...

Have a great time and get some rest! You deserve it! Enjoy the Wiggles for me... because as much as it is in my control, I will probably never survive a Wiggles concert. Just kidding (not as in our high-school secret code though). The fun is in watching the kids get so excited!