Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yesterday, hubby and I decided to play tennis after work. I have never in my life played tennis before but we thought it might be fun to try and I really need the exercise (since I sit on my butt all day at work). was interesting! We had a lot of fun but we weren't very good at it. I was happy to have my 6yr. old play ball boy, that saved a lot of running around! Today I am SORE! It is a good sore though, you know? It hurts but I feel like I accomplished something. I hope to be very active this summer, drop some pounds, so there will be a lot more SORE days in my future! I want to pass on a more active lifestyle to my kids too, already they would rather play video games than play outside. That needs to change, or they'll have to fight the same battle I do! Anyway, I got myself a new bike too, so soon I will be riding to work. What do you do to promote activity to your kids? Not difficult when they are toddlers but as they get older and want to sit around and play video games or watch tv? Do you just tell them to go outside and play or are you active with your children? That is where I need to step it up, how about you?