Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's for Breakfast?

Breakfast (or as Andrew would say, brefkist) is a pretty simple affair at our house. The boys eat cereal every morning. They never seem to tire of it. Once in awhile someone will have toast but cereal is the favourite and the quickest! I rarely make a big breakfast on the weekends (I really should, but on sat. we all wake up at different times) but once and a while it is nice to all sit down for a special morning meal. I found a few yummy recipes at Wondertime. They take a bit more work but they sure sound good, and I would only do it occasionally anyway. You can find the recipes here. I really want to try the Honey French Toast! How about you, what is breakfast time like at your house?


Peanut said...

KK and I have porridge (mine with added flax seed) EVERY morning. If we don't, like when we're staying at someone's house, bad things both of us! As in last time, I had to give the poor girl a suppository :(
Peanut-lover refuses to eat porridge, so he rotates through a couple different cereals. Very rarely, we'll make a special family breakfast of bacon and eggs, but eggs do VERY bad things to the Peanut-lover (very bad), so it is not usually worth the work.
JJ, well his breakfast is the easiest of all: nummies. And his choice: left or right side?

Unknown said...

We had homemade blueberry pancakes this morning-Found some buttermilk in the fridge that needed to be used,so used it,and had maple syrup,apricot,raspberry and a low sugar blackberry jelly I made for them-yummy! Everyone is up at a different time and I stay out of the way in the mornings while the school bustle is going on so I don't interfere,so we don't have as many big breakfasts as before-I'm sure you remember some of them!!

Harmony said...

Oh I do, and they were always yummy! I have fond memories of us all sitting together having a nice breakfast! You are such a good cook and I miss your blueberry pancakes!