Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wednesday nights we have a Bible study at our home. Jim does a fair amount of cleaning so when I get home, I'm not overwhelmed with the mess. I get dinner on the table and rush to get anything done that didn't get done, like the bathroom! Since yesterday was the last day of school, the boys are home all day, and I was anticipating a huge disaster waiting for me. I decided to write out a list of a few things I wanted the boys to do so that (in the upstairs at least) the mess is kept under control. I don't feel like I asked too much of them and they seemed alright with it (poor daddy is left to be the enforcer of my ideas!). The list looked something like this:

-Tidy up movies and Wii games

-Put shoes in closet and hang up coats, sweaters and ball caps

-Clean up papers, pens, crayons, scissors from the floor

-Make beds

-Put any clothes on the floor in laundry baskets

-Put all dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

Those are the current things that need to be done as I looked around this morning. I typically have some of these things as weekly chores but seeing they are home all day now, I thought they could pitch in daily. I may try to do this each morning, give them a new list based on what I see needs to be done. I hope this will "work for me" Time will tell!

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Peanut said...

I use lists like that for my husband. But not like here's the list and get 'er done. He doesn't take orders like that very well. Instead I tell him that if he is waiting for me to get ready, HERE are the things I need to get done, and if he'd like to help, he can pick something off the list. WORKS WONDERS!
Maybe you could have a list of things that have to be done every day before mommy gets home...then they get in the routine of tidying up.

Harmony said...

I would never do the list for Jim, he wouldn't appreciate it either! He knows what needs to be done and I'll do whatever he doesn't get done but the boys really need it spelled out for them or they won't bother!