Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Bend it Like Beckham?

dscf0164 Here is Joseph on his first day of soccer. He was quite pleased to be playing this year instead of watching on the sidelines! He kept stopping to give us a thumbs up or make a funny face like this one! All these sports the boys are in keep us hopping but it is worth it to see them enjoying them selves and keeping active. Unfortunately, this first day of soccer was so cold, we had to leave after 20mins. He was violently shivering in the ocean wind and the older two were staying warm in the car. On the plus side, the wind kept the bugs at bay, unlike the following practices where we are a human smorgasbord for the black flies!



I have been taking Jessica's advice and preparing some of the meals the night before so when I get home at 5, supper is pretty much ready and we eat fast and rush to be at the field at 6! It has worked well (made lasagna last night and it is in the slow cooker now, we'll see how that turns out. I've never tried lasagna in the slow cooker before!)The boys wanted to help me make the Potato Leek Soup so I designated them the "Official Stirers" (It was such an important title, it deserved a brand new made up word!) Between making some of the meals the night before and letting the boys help in the process, this has been a success and yes, it works for me! (you were probably wondering when I'd fit that in!)



And finally, here is a picture of the boys enjoying the finally spring-like weather! (even though it is only a few days from summer, still need sweaters here!)

Less than a week of school left, then their dad has to get creative in keeping them occupied all summer! Wonder what you will do with your kids home all summer? Click here to find lots of ideas over at Rocks in my Dryer, many other blogging mom's link up too so there are literally hundreds of ideas! I'll be checking it out and more Works For Me Wednesday!


Totallyscrappy said...

With three boys myself, I know all about the rushing around to sports AND trying to get a yummy meal in thier bellies. Cheers to your official stirrers!