Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nathanael's Post

Hi, I am Nathanael. I am sure you have have read most of or some of my mom's posts but this time I'm doing the post! I will start with our garden, it turned red! We put mulch on it. We are also putting bricks around the edge but not all around yet, we didn't have enough.

The Fair is coming soon where we live, it will be at the Walmart. Do you get a fair where you live? Where does it come? Did it come yet?

Here is my joke of the day:
Little Monster: "Look Mom, I caught a jogger!"
Mom Monster: "I thought I told you to stop bringing home fast food!"

You saw in mom's last post what her blog name is in Japanese, here is my name:

Signing off,


Jessica Holder said...

Hey Nathanael - Great post! I hope you have fun at the fair!

Peanut said...

Wow Nathanael! Great post! I like how your garden is turning out. It's going to look really good.
And a fair! How exciting!! I love fairs. We don't go to any around where we live, but when your mom and I were growing up, we went to a huge fair in our city every year. I loved it! The rides are so much fun and I love how everyone there is so excited!!
Great cartoon too! Even monster mommies don't like fast food!
I hope you write another post for your mom again soon!