Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laura at is having a basket carnival! Reading Laura's blog really inspired me to get organized and I think her love of baskets is contagious! I just started reading her blog a few weeks ago and have since made a few trips to the Buck or Two to stock up on baskets. I am still just beginning on my quest to get my home organized but here are a few pictures of what I have done so far. It isn't much but we all have to start somewhere, right?

This is my soon to be scrapbooking center. I have a shelf that I am waiting for Jim to put up for the blue baskets to go on. There is a five drawer shelf beside the table to organize too. I am shopping around for different ideas to organize all the supplies (which are currently hiding under the table).

My boys were making fun of me for putting everything in baskets and then when I had them clean the basement I found they had "borrowed" a few of my baskets for their blocks. Can't make fun of me now!

Baskets are great for remotes and these game controllers! Now I don't have controller chords hanging down in front of the vcr.

I just love this I got from the dollar store. I keep it under the kitchen sink and is great for doing a quick clean up, like when unexpected company is coming. I keep paper towels and dish cloths in it so I can just grab it and go.

I wish I had some before pics, this was a complete mess before I organized it. I love how easy it is to see what I need.

This drawer was truly a junk drawer! It was full TO THE TOP with junk, it took awhile to sort through but I am so glad I did. Now when we need something small like a pen or battery, we don't have to sift though a drawer full of junk to find it!The kids are getting better at putting the pens and pencils back there too.

So there it is. It is a start and it feels good to see some progress. There is so much more to do but I am getting lots of good ideas from The Organizing Junkie and other organized moms! There's my contribution to the basket carnival, let the festivities begin!


"Intentionally Katie" said...

I think I heard angels sing when I saw the picture of your junk drawer. Now THAT'S inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing your them.

Laura said...

Wow you've done a great job, your junk drawer is awesome. Don't baskets just make life so much easier! Thanks for linking up and sharing the pics with us :)


Harmony said...

Thanks guys. I have to say Laura, it is all thanks to you! I stumbled on your blog one day and was inspired by reading it. I am a bit of a pack rat and not very organized but I knew with three boys and a full time job that I needed to get organized. I don't think I even owned a single basket before this! I am amazed at the difference it makes and how much better I feel! So, Thanks!