Friday, November 16, 2007

Ya Right!

I just took a few minutes to go back and read all my past posts over the last year. I laugh now at how many times I've said "It has been a long time since I last posted" That's a good one, classic! I should go back and count how many times I said that in one form or another! I noticed too that I promised pictures of the boys and christmas cards mailed! Still laughing with me now? Sorry they never made it! I "plan" to do it this year! I'd better get started huh? I still haven't even booked the picture session for the boys. I'd better do that while I'm thinking of it. Nasty weather here lately, my office door keeps blowing open, hard to keep warm! At least we don't have snow yet! If any of you are on facebook and want to add me to your friend list I'm on there as: Harmony Miller Cole. I'm going to include some pics from the summer when my Dad and Sylvia and grandparents were here. They were taken at Port Hood beach and Fort Louisburg.