Friday, December 01, 2006

Hi Everyone. I wanted to post some pics from Nathanael and Andrew's birthday. These two pics of Andrew are the only ones we got, our camera is broken all of a sudden! It was a cheap digital camera anyway so I knew it wouldn't last! We are finally all done with the rental but still have a fair amount of boxes to unpack at our new place. I plan to get a lot done this weekend so we can start putting Christmas things up! We got a new couch last weekend, as you see by the pic it is pretty nice, the picture doesn't do it justice though. It is more of a sage green. I need to get started on Christmas cards! With all the commotion, I am running late on things and also I didn't get the boys pictures done this year! Sorry about that, but I will get it done and send everyone one, just not for Christmas like I usually do. It has been such a busy time for us right now. Christmas holidays from school are on their way and Nathanael is pretty excited about that! I hope you are all well, we are finally over our sicknesses. I'll post some pics of our new place once we are all moved in! Thanks for reading,